INKQ Edition #9


At Inky Leaves Publishing we are not immune to the vagaries and changes happening in the natural world and for the first time we had to act quickly to avoid being overtaken by the events unfolding around us. Although published earlier than usual, the printing, folding, packing and posting was carried out by the INKQ team in record time and we are pleased to say that the end result is definitely one of our best editions.

Issue Nine opens with the surreal works of Xavi Bou who focuses on birds and, using a single time frame, captures the shapes they generate when flying; the intention to make the invisible, visible. His scenes portray a highly organic form of the hidden movements of life that we cannot see and subsequently stimulate the imagination.

Alongside Xavi Bou we also showcasing the haunting botanic images of photographers Daniel Shipp and Jürgen Birchler, the exquisitely painted “alien” flowers of Denise Ramsay, including her stunningly, supersized Leucodendron and the traditional oil paintings of American flower painter Katie Whipple, prior to her first solo show this July in Los Angeles, California.

For the first time, we are featuring a video piece as part of INKQ. This is courtesy of Plantaphilia whose research into the spiritually healing properties of plants and our relationship wth them led to this interesting audio visual work.

Susan Murie talks us through the printing process she uses for her very individual cyanotypes and Kate Kato delights us with beautifully framed photographs of her exquisitely hand worked moths and butterflies. Both of these artists benefit from our use of a high quality recycled paper which accentuates the artistry of the featured works, while illuminating and highlighting the colours.

As announced earlier this year, this issue begins JR Shepherd’s blue quadtych with a bold and dramatic rendition of the Hydrangea. This will be the first of her “Blue in a black space” pieces reproduced for INKQ as a full colour, high quality A1 print. At two thirds size of the original, this print is ready for framing.

With Issue Nine, INKQ continues to be a carefully curated collage of experiences and thoughts that provides an inspirational path of hope through an increasingly monochrome and unstable world.


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