INKQ Edition #10


Since the beginning of the year we all witnessed a monumental global change and at Inky Leaves Publishing we also took the time to pause and reflect on how to incorporate these changes into our daily flow. We decided to take advantage of the opportunity afforded us by the slowdown and use the magic associated with the summer solstice to design and layout the pages. The result of this stellar alignment has resulted in one of our most bright and summery editions. So we are nothing less than delighted to be featuring the gorgeous work of intentionally acclaimed French botanical artist Vincent Jeannerot alongside Svetlana Lanse’s stunningly, sensual Rose and Physalis paintings.

We will be showcasing the fabulously magical work of Poppy Melia, whose impressively large gouache paintings take you on spectacular visual journeys of the natural world. William Arnold counterpoints this journey with his Suburban Herbarium and shares his beautifully delicate silver point photographs of leaf veins.

No edition of INKQ would be complete without its unexpected eccentricities. We love the contrast between basket maker Mary Crabb who writes so evocatively about her woven remembrance projects including ‘Counting the Cost’.

Finally, as promised, issue 10 continues Jessica Shepherd’s Blue Flower quadtych with the eagerly anticipated full colour, A1 centrefold reproduction of her giant Puya alpestris painting. Subscribing to INKQ gives you a unique opportunity to own four large, frameable reproductions of Jessica’s work, before the grand Blue Flower exhibition which is expected in 2024.


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