INKQ Edition #5


Edition five features the delicate yet bold work of botanical painter Victoria Braithwaite as our main poster sized artist. Victoria has submitted a stunning A1 sized portrait of a peony. Photography and glass making combine with magical effect in the work of botanical artist and scientist Dr. Chris Jefferee. We also have our first poetry piece written by renowned music producer and artist Martin Glover (widely known as Youth), who has just completed his American and European tour with Killing Joke.

Throughout the creative process we have kept to the tradition of experimenting with new creative avenues to highlight the importance of print, geography, science and art and in keeping with this, for the first time, edition five came with a set of four limited edition A5 postcards. Exclusive to INKQ subscribers, these postcards featured the paintings J R Shepherd completed during her time in Tasmania. The postcards were available to Earlybird subscribers and as such have already sold out.


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