INKQ Edition #4


Issue Four of INKQ is the culmination of 12 months intense effort and evolution for this publication. Each issue has continued to mature the brand and the evolving scope of the content has widened to encompass different artistic approaches and methods. Issue 4 advances this objective with an ever more eclectic mix of contributors.

INKQ 4 marks the climax of INKQ’s focus on blue with an essay by Adrian Holme on Yves Klein and his relationship to the colour blue. Adrian’s words are accompanied by Saara Karppinen’s unusual but beautiful illustrative collages.

One of the highlights of this issue is a pair of stunning botanically themed artworks from the Japanese artist Macoto Murayama; exquisite in execution and ethereal in subject, these images are designed to be framed and displayed.

Alongside this, we have beautiful imagery and essays from Coral Guest and Polly Sutherland, intiguing and thought provoking scientifically oriented papers by Dr. Hugh Morris and Scott Beadle FRAS and an extraordinary article on snowflakes by mathematician Dr. Snezana Lawrence. It’s bold, boundless and beautiful.

In our first steps towards making INKQ a multimedia publication, we are incredibly excited to be featuring our first downloadable audio file for this issue; a 30 minute soundscape entitled Black Lux, composed by anarchic musician Derek Thompson to mark the 50th anniversary of the cinematic release of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Intense and evocative, it is a perfect accompaniment to the printed content.

Packaged with thought and care and printed as usual on recycled, lightweight paper reminiscent of traditional quality newsprint with a contemporary touch.


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