Black Lux


Black Lux is a piece composed to mark the 50th anniversary of the cinematic release of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Inspired by and making reference to the film, it was completed on the day that the death was announced of Douglas Rain (who supplied the voice of HAL).

Taking its main inspiration from the György Ligeti pieces used in 2001, Black Lux manages to impart the sensation of the same teeming vastness and unearthly intensity as the film did upon its release in 1968.

Intended to be both classical in structure and contemporary in its approach, this inventive composition samples segments of both the musical and non-musical elements of the original sound design in order to create both an unnerving but satisfying audio experience.

This audio file can be downloaded free with INKQ Issue 4.

Duration: 1800 seconds.
File type: MP3 file
Bit rate: 320Kb
File size: 68Mb


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